Executive Team



Myra Christine – Founder & Director

As a dedicated and passionate conservationist I have continued to follow my passion while continuing to educate myself further in my pursuit to help educate the international public and change what is happening to our world.

Having worked and explored all over the world I developed Earth FX International to work on the bigger picture. This bigger picture involves working with and understanding wildlife, the environment and people; because ultimately, I know I can’t save an animal in a place where people are starving, and, ultimately I know everything works together!

My past has seen me work as a wildlife carer, been part of the crew in zoo’s, aquariums, and wildlife hospitals. I have managed a park with elephants in Laos to turn it from riding into conservation, and helped update a sanctuary in Africa. I have spoken in universities and at events, had newspaper articles written about my pursuits, and even had several radio interviews.

Filming is also a big part of my life and I have written several documentaries, filmed a pilot in Vanuatu, thanks to Vanuatu tourism, and have done small filming pieces here in Australia. Currently I am working on the Great Barrier Reef, studying Zoology and pursuing everything ‘Earth FX International’.

Who said a woman couldn’t do everything?

Samara Jae – Director

Having been immersed into the world of wildlife and conservation from an early age I am following my mother’s footsteps to develop and produce programs that will engage the masses. My creativity brings a different aspect to all we do in Earth FX International, especially with engaging the younger demographic audience.

At the age of 16 I traveled to Laos, where I worked with girls rescued out of sexual exploitation in an organization called Destiny Rescue. Sadly, these girls were all between the ages of 8 and 16. I taught these beautiful girls English, dance, exercise and art, and how to laugh again, and then went on to help mum at the Elephant Park. I am currently working as a Vet Nurse, and developing programs and merchandise for the world through Earth FX International.