In a world full of creativity, projects, entertainment and the grind of daily life its always interesting to look into and listen to the opinions of others. Whether it helps shape your world view, adds a different dynamic to your daily life, or you throw it away as a ‘not for me’ moment, we are forever ingesting new content.

Yesterday I found a few quotes I definitely need to keep with me at all times. ‘FIND A WAY’ and ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ are quotes now hanging on my wall! Because sometimes we have to go through years of hard work before it all pays off, and for me it seriously has been a hard slog!

So as I walk this earth with a serious need to bring my projects to life, to enable this planet called EARTH to a place of sustainability and respect, I hope I both inspire you and maybe you will even join me on my quests.

I thank you all for your uniqueness and genuine interest, and may you all work towards a healthier and better future.


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