What we do matters! What we eat, how we live, and how we act has an impact on everything around us. We are all surviving on this one planet, along with millions of other species, each ecosystem fighting for survival, and each just as important as the other! There is no other planet to go to, no magic solution, no instant fix, and we now have to work hard to clean up our planet after the last 200 years of human destruction.

Earth FX International is dedicated to helping create a healthier planet where change will happen! We are dedicated to:



‘Saving wildlife and the environment while raising the health and

well being of people internationally!’





Our goal is to make life here more sustainable, to sound the alarm, and do what we need to, to move forward together and while working on international solutions, and partnerships. We have amazing new frameworks and platforms to work with, solutions to implement and goals to fore fill.









We have traveled the world and worked and researched in many countries to learn, develop and educate the unknowing, the under privileged, the everyday, the privileged and you! To build a better future for the earth, the animals and the humans. We just need every day partners like you, so join us today!