Earth FX International

About Us

Saving wildlife and the environment while raising the health and well being of people internationally!


Earth FX International is not going to let you ignore CONSERVATION any longer


Our aim is to lead in Earth Education through out 'Wild Earth, Wild Lives' education program

Zoo Rescue & Development

In our world today, zoos and sanctuaries need to maintain a high level of ethics to engage the tourist dollar, and to ultimately help with conservation programs.

Filming & Documentaries

We believe that we need to engage people in all different ways and through film we can take you on a journey....

People Matter

Every day, in every way, we want to connect! Connect to improve....

Currently working out of the ‘Heart of the Reef’ in the Whitsundays, and  endeavoring to make a difference…


  • Conservation Initiates
  • Research Centers
  • Zoo Rescue & Development
  • Wildlife Hospitals
  • Traineeships
  • New Enclosure Designs
  • Rescue, Rehabilitation & Release


  • Wild Earth, Wild Lives
  • Grade 1 to Grade 12
  • Earth Education
  • Empowering future leaders
  • Understanding our natural world
  • Exciting Learning
  • Mobile Education Units


  • International Children
  • Especially Females
  • Empowerment Institutes
  • Traditional Crafts
  • Jobs and Education
  • Forced to work, we will educate
  • Building dreams, building power


  • Social Media
  • Education
  • Documentaries
  • Out-takes
  • Music Videos
  • Our world in pictures
  • Bringing the world to YOU


Our Past
Our Future
Our Countries
Our Partners

Our Team

Our Projects

  • Conservation


    Our goal is to make life here sustainable, to sound the alarm, and do what we need to, to move forward together and help work on international solutions. We have new amazing frameworks to work with, solutions to implement and goals to fore fill. We just need partners like you, so join us today!

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  • Education

    ‘Wild Lives, Wild Earth’ is a school based program that will ensure our future leaders grow up with the full knowledge of how our world works and how it needs our protection. Imagine all countries in the world participating in the same program!

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  • Zoo Rescue

    Earth FX International has gathered an amazing team of passionate and dedicated people to help formulate Zoo Rescue or Wildlife Tourism Development. Further educating the public, protecting each individual species, and helping sustain a nation through tourism.

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  • Filming & Documentaries

    Earth FX International has its own production company to bring you up to date with whats going on in the world, incredibly unique documentaries and different social media footage!

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