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I’ve been into Africa several times and would go back in a heart beat. Back in 2010 we were headed to Zambia to look into the feasibility of building a wildlife hospital and wildlife sanctuary.

Taking a team of researchers over was the experience of a lifetime! We traveled the length and width of Zambia, saved some German tourists, got lost, witnessed some incredibly awesome wildlife and connected more with Zambians, the Government and expats than I ever thought possible.

Soon after I ventured into the possibility of taking over Munda Wanga, a wildlife sanctuary and botanical gardens just out of Lusaka. It needed some serious tender loving care! Sadly however I couldn’t get the funding due to the Global Financial Crisis and had to say goodbye. I am still hoping this isn’t forever, just for the time being…

This is a clip of our fundraiser to get to Zambia and the heart behind it. Enjoy…


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July 8, 2015

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