Empowerment Laos

2015 saw us working in Laos. What a beautiful country that is so full of potential, full of beautiful people, incredible scenery and delicious food!

Sadly we saw some very sad parts of this beautiful country. Poverty has and continues to drive the evil trade of young girls (between 8 & 16) being sold into the sexual exploitation. Our aim is to empower girls throughout the country, starting with 12 girls rescued out of this industry, where hunger, rape and beatings were daily occurrences.

Samara, for her 19th Birthday, is hosting a ‘SHE IS FREE’ afternoon tea on the 10th March in Airlie Beach, and another on the Sunshine Coast to help pay for school, school supplies and some of their monthly expenses required for these 12 beautiful girls.

Selflessly Samara will move mountains to empower those less fortunate. Join her fight to keep these amazing world changes in school so they can create better lives for the generations to come!