Elephants Laos

Elephants in Asia have dramatically declined in a very short time. Once in the millions there are now only a few thousand left. Sadly most elephants have Post Traumatic Stress due to the abuse they have suffered t the hands of humans over the last few hundred years.

Earth FX aims to help these incredibly majestic creatures, as well as many others. Our Conservation Parks will consist of wildlife hospitals, wildlife sanctuaries, education centers and research centers.

The sanctuaries will contain Myra’s new enclosure designs  and incredible employment and training opportunities. The wildlife hospitals will ensure wildlife is rescued, rehabilitated and released, or placed in the sanctuary. The education centers will work alongside our international education program ‘Wild Lives, Wild Earth’ and help people understand our incredible world and the life that inhabits it. And our research centers will enable Universities from all over the world to bring students to research environmental, social and economic units to better progress towards international sustainability.

It can’t get any better than that!!