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Earth FX International is the parent company of the Earth FX International brands, based in Queensland Australia. Our overall goal is to ultimately save wildlife and the environment while raising the health and well being of people internationally!

Founded by Myra Christine who is a dedicated and passionate conservationist she has continued to follow her passion while continuing to educate herself further in my pursuit to help educate the international public and change what is happening to our world. Having worked and explored all over the world she developed Earth FX International to help with producing solutions while engaging the bigger picture.

Myra’s past has seen her working as a wildlife carer, been part of crews in zoo’s, aquariums, and wildlife hospitals, managing a park with elephants in Laos, and helping guide a sanctuary in Africa. She has also spoken in universities and at events, is a published author, had featured in newspaper articles about her pursuits, accomplished several radio interviews, and filmed in incredible locations. And now Samara Jae, her daughter, is following in her mothers footsteps. Having been a part of all Myra’s pursuits throughout her life, Samara is a vet nurse, has worked in a zoo, and also teaches the public about the world around her in film and in person.

Together Myra and Samara are going to be a force to be reckoned with! With strong morals, ethics, and standards they will ensure each innovative project encompasses their values and provides solutions on all levels.

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