We understand that the world craves media content, and we want an audience that consumes our content and then parallels that with action!

As a children’s book author, documentary writer, blogger, app developer and scientist Myra’s creativity is bought to life in many different ways. One series we are hoping to get off the ground in the near future is ‘What on Earth!’ Having filmed the pilot in Vanuatu, thanks to Vanuatu Tourism, we explored caves filled with bats, found and discussed the amazingly large Coconut Crabs, swam in blue lakes, kayaked down unexplored rivers, went diving around the WWII Troupe ship, the SS President Coolidge, while staying at the Ratua Private Island Resort, just of the island of Espiritu Santo. What an amazing experience!



As we develop in this media hungry world we are hoping to bring you along for the ride, so watch this space.